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Sharing Things

Recently in our work chats James has been sharing numerous wild videos from Internet history. Songs, interesting people, interesting people's interesting activities, interesting people's uninteresting activities that they somehow make interesting, and so on. It reminds me that when I started my personal blog a lot of the posts I made were these sorts of items.

Back then a blog was a place that thought it wanted to be a social network. The way to do that was to post things that you found fascinating, and comment on blogs with things that you found fascinating. Over time you'd build a collection of Internet acquaintances who would generally encourage each other and laugh with each other. Often you'd write a few sentences to go with the thing you were sharing, like a personal Sometimes you'd share without comment, inventing your own Tumblr.

Over the years I think I've removed most of these share posts from this blog's history. Now James has me wishing I could reach back to those posts to remember what tickled me twenty years ago, and maybe to share these things again. I'm not big on social networks these days, and blogs no longer feel like the place for plopping a quick video or link. To be honest, while I might want to share these things that I run into with others, I more-so want to share these things with my future self.

Hmm…perhaps Good Enough can come up with something to help?