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RubyMine So Far

I've been trying RubyMine for about a week.

So far my judgement is that it is gonna be hard to evaluate in 1 month. The nice thing, though, is a lot of stuff Just Works™ instead having to play the "download 15 different extensions and try to get them playing together" game of VS Code, etc. (Note: I've never been a vim or emacs person.) I never actually figured out the extension game with VS Code. My current install of VS Code does weird auto-formatting of erb files even though I have all the auto-formatting things I can find turned off, doesn't really do that well with Rails, etc, etc.

I haven't yet used RubyMine features like refactoring, but we'll see how well they work when I remember them. There are all sorts of keyboard shortcuts that I haven't yet discovered, and configuration up the wazoo. This is why I'm not going to truly know if it works for me before trial expiration. So I have to have a little faith that the things I would like to exist do exist in the app, and I'll find them eventually.

All of that is to say that at this point I think I'm probably going to pay the high cost of RubyMine.