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Peter Gabriel's New Music Tour

Peter Gabriel is on a world tour. Having already hit Europe, he's now roaming around the United States. Looking at set lists, it appears that he is playing two-thirds new songs. Good for him, though I'm curious how it will play with the crowd.

There's more to it. It's wild to me, but he's been touring for months and yet the new album (I/O), isn't even released yet! For the past months he has been releasing a new single upon each new moon. Actually, he's been releasing two mixes of the new song: a bright-side mix and a dark-side mix. I don't know if either/both/neither of these are the album tracks or not.

Like, cool, play the new stuff, but not even every song is available to listen to, nor could I buy a CD or something. I suppose at some point in one's career, well, do whatever you want! It's impressive to me that this whole enterprise can run effectively with such a weird imbalance between marketing, content, and scheduling. I'm quite curious how this will land in the arena!