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Fast Car

It's always bothered me that I think a majority of people today believe that Life Is a Highway is a Rascal Flatts song. While it charted one position lower than Tom Cochrane's original, being in the movie Cars means the Rascal Flatts version is in the heads of ALL the kids and parents. I know my kids's elementary played the song constantly at event days and "hype up" back to school things.

I've never felt that the Rascal Flatts rendition of the song is much different than the original. I wished the movie had just used the original instead of a cover version, especially since the original was only 13 years old to American ears (14 to Canadian ears). It's bothered me, even though my perception of the original song at the time was OMG THIS THING HAS BEEN PLAYED EVERY HOUR ALL SUMMER. I was tired of it. Now I defend it.

And so I found myself sitting poolside at the city facility in my hometown, watching my daughters and nephews swim in the pool, and on comes a song from my city pool years – Fast Car as covered by Luke Combs. I can't help but feel similarly to my Life Is a Highway feeling, but to be honest I haven't listed to the cover much. Also we're sitting here 35 years after the original came out. I suppose I should let it go.